Vision of WorldGrower

Player characters and non-player characters have the same abilities

This means that both can build buildings, craft items, start conversations, etc.
The world is one interconnected place with the flow of goods and gold.
If player characters and non-player characters have the same abilities,
then the player character is automatically drawn into the flow of goods and gold.

This also evens the playing field: non-player characters don't get any special treatment
or bonuses so they must succeed on their own merit.

The economy is an interconnected web

The economy is interconnected: this means that to do or make something, you need resources.
You can try to obtain all resources yourself, but it's often better to get resources from specialized characters.
Specialization pays of with better quality or less effort to create something.

This also means that if you try to sell something, it's easier if you have fewer competitors or lower prices.

Actions have consequences

As stated before, fewer competitors means more sales.
If you attack someone, guards will arrest you.
If the leader of the village gets killed, a new leader gets elected.
Killing all farmers might lead to famine.

Since every character has the same abilities and everything is connected, most actions will have consequences.

Extensive dialogue system

There are a lot of dialogue options.
These allow you to share information, lie, intimidate or sweet talk someone.

These dialogue options are the same for player characters and non-player characters.


Non-player characters don't automatically know everything.
They obtain knowledge by observation and sharing of information by talking to each other.